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  • Family Fun Month

    Family Fun Month

    July is Family Fun Month here at FOXville 43! We're bringing you the best local events, kid friendly recipes, tons of entertainment reviews, and even some great contests, where can win big for you and your family! Stay tuned for fun, food, and family-oriented festivities, only from your entertainment station, FOXville 43!More >>
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  • Ask Todd: Rain Totals

    Ask Todd: Rain Totals

    Great question Tammy. This has been an exceptionally wet year so far. Already this year we have 46.75 inches of rain. That's compared to 29.47 inches at the same time last year. In fact we average 47.86More >>
    Tammy Mott asks "I was wondering what last year's total rainfall was and what this year's rainfall is so far. How close are the two?" More >>
  • Ask Todd: Dark Clouds

    Ask Todd: Dark Clouds

    Great question Taylor! Simply put, storm clouds carry many more water droplets that are also larger than the tiny droplets in regular clouds. These larger water droplets absorb and block sunlight fromMore >>
    Taylor Fitzpatrick asks, "Why are the clouds dark when there is a thunderstorm?" More >>
  • Ask Todd: Humidity

    Ask Todd: Humidity

    Great question Sherri. Humidity is a quantity representing the amount of water vapor in the atmosphere or a gas. The more humid it is, the more moisture there is in the air, and that can lead to a betterMore >>
    Sherri Gingerch asks, "What is humidity and how does it work?" More >>
  • Ask Todd: Sevier County Tornado

    Ask Todd: Sevier County Tornado

    Now that's a really good question Christine, and also a great observation because you typically don't hear about tornadoes hitting Sevier County. A confirmed tornado did hit last Thursday night aboutMore >>
    Christine Strainer asks, "Is it true that the recent tornado in Sevier County is the county's first in recorded history?" More >>
  • Ask Todd: Rainbows?

    Ask Todd: Rainbows?

    A rainbow is an optical and meteorological phenomenon. Water, light, and the angle you see the rainbow all play a factor. First, rainbows are a reflection of light in water droplets in the Earth's atmosphere.More >>
    Jordon Whitfield asks, "What causes rainbows to form?" More >>
  • Ask Todd: Lightning Threats

    Ask Todd: Lightning Threats

    Darrin, thanks for sending in that question. The simple answer is yes, there are differences between the two. There are actually several types of lightning including cloud-to-cloud, cloud-to-ground, darkMore >>
    Darrin Moran sent us a question. He said, "I had a video question for Todd. I was wondering if there was a difference between regular lightning or sometimes especially during spring time between ground to cloud lightning. I know it's not safest to be outside anytime, but is there actually a difference? Is it really different at all?"
    More >>
  • Ask Todd: Scattered Vs. isolated Showers

    Ask Todd: Scattered Vs. isolated Showers

    Selena asks, "What is the difference in isolated thunder showers and scattered thunder showers?" First, scattered and isolated have nothing to do with the intensity of the storm. It all depends on theMore >>
     "What is the difference in isolated thunder showers and scattered thunder showers?"More >>
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